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everything about me and my business.

is about you and

YOUR business.

the way I write marketing content, or any type of content for that matter... can be summarized into four steps.

1. analysis of your competitor's online presence and generation of your        strategic keyword catalog.

2. design of your content strategy (decide which content types suit you        best).

3. determining your brand's tone and approach.

4. enough words, let's write some words.


who are you hiring?

something boring about me. My favorite website is

something even more boring. I hold a masters in marketing and a                                                        degree in industrial engineering.

something you should know. I write engaging content that will                                                             generate new organic traffic for your                                                       business and trigger meaningful                                                             visitor interaction with your website.

my method. I research your market and customer base thoroughly,                        create a strategic keyword catalog that aims to capture                        your target customer's web searches, and only then do                        I get to writing captivating content.

me personallyI've worked long-hours and over four years in                                       marketing, sales, and project management for                                       multinational, global leader companies. I've                                           founded and sold several companies, finally                                           deciding to stick to what I love.

why me. forget about unleashing my creativity (which I will do                            regardless), this is about you and your online sales goals.

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